Just Breathe, Darling.

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Caffeine, Cocktails, Food Trucks and Traffic Jams-- the typical LA lifestyle is not exactly the pinnacle of health and wellness. The fast-paced city life can be all consuming and super stressful.  Like many Angelino's, last month I found myself working long work hours and I began feeling totally exhausted. That's when I realized I had not taken time this entire year to detach from deadlines, business calls, social media or social events and schedule in a hour or two for simply relaxing. 

Days later I stumbled upon Yoga West in Beverlywood and on a whim I signed up for a class. Immediately I was excited at the chance to revisit an old hobby called Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga is style of yoga that encompasses meditation, breathing, and building your focus.     

The next day walking into class was a breath of fresh air, literally. The soft music and warmth of the community immediately made me feel at ease. I enjoyed a cup of hot tea while listening to the teachings of the master Yogi. His message was on expanding your idea of what is possible in your life. As the class continued and we began the poses the Yogi suggested we detach from our limiting thoughts and feelings. After class I was amazed at how much lighter my body seemed. It felt so nice to let go of the negativity that had been weighing me down and since then I've decided to sign up for five more classes!!!   

To sum it up, I think we can all use a little less stress and a lot more relaxing. I'm so happy to have rediscovered my favorite way to relax and I hope you have yours and will share it below!

Have a happy and peaceful day, XOXO. 

Written by Karina Nicole, the owner and founder of Maven Boutique LA.

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  • Elizabeth says...

    Sometimes, I wonder at how powerful simply breathing in and out can be when the pressure gauge is rising. Sometimes, all we need to do in shifting from the negative to the positive is just slowly breathing in and out a few times…Trust me it’s really powerful!!!

    August 13, 2015

  • Sammy says...

    It’s ALWAYS a breath of fresh air walking away from stress! I hate stress, while I love rest…Rest to me is finding your work interesting enough that you don’t HAVE to do it, you simply LOVE doing it…And since the motivation stems from LOVE, you can always apply a healthy balance between when to work or when not to…Thanks for this post!

    August 12, 2015

  • Jen says...

    I completely agree that it’s important to take time out and breathe. It’s so easy to get caught up in the go-go-go culture and forget to relax and enjoy life. Glad you found yoga to be a great way to do this:)

    August 11, 2015

  • WinnerMann says...

    This post was indeed an investment into my life…I believe mental relaxation needs to be emphasized in all societies, not just in LA…

    August 10, 2015

  • Jeds says...

    I am excited to have come across this very useful post. Sometime ago, I discovered the power of resting one’s mind under an atmosphere of classical music, and since then, I have been a big fan of that style of music. Reading this post has again pointed me to the fact that resting is not merely having a good night sleep, it involves regularly conditioning the mind under a peaceful and serene ambiance. I believe this post has done justice to benefits of paying attention to engaging oneself in restful exercises such as yoga. Great Post!!

    August 09, 2015

  • Andrea Nugent (@poshmoma) says...

    I absolutely LOVE yoga! Prior to adding yoga to my weekly routine, I always thought that I was in pretty good shape with a well-balanced mind, body and spirit. I was really surprised once I slowly began to add yoga workouts into my daily schedule on just how much more balance and core strength I have developed since then. Yoga is the best! Thanks for sharing your experience :)

    August 09, 2015

  • Allie says...

    I’m an LA girl too and I can definitely relate to feeling burnt out and needing a break. I’m lucky enough that my company offers short yoga classes for employees twice a week – a nice perk! It’s good to switch off even for a little while and concentrate on being in the moment.

    August 08, 2015

  • Akin Carson says...

    Thanks Karina for such a soul-uplifting post. I could definitely relate with your former feelings of stress and tiredness. I once fell into that cycle of unending stress and pressure, and felt I was doing myself and my business a lot of good by working the living daylight out of myself while giving myself almost no rest at all. Things changed when I shifted my philosophy about work and rest. Now, when I work, I ensure I am REALLY working, but when I rest too, whether by lying down or just being still, I ensure I am NOT thinking about any work-related activity, just bliss.

    August 06, 2015

  • Brittany says...

    Thanks for this article! I definitely need to take a step back away from everything every now and then. Get back in touch to the meaning of life! It’s so hard when everything is so fast paced.

    August 06, 2015

  • Lee says...

    I noticed how much I needed a break while helping a friend move across the country. Although, it was not technically a vacation, a change of scenery and new surroundings, gave me the breath of fresh air that I needed. It is so easy to get caught up in work, goals and upcoming deadlines that we can totally forget that just like we need work, we also need time to recharge and reflect. Thanks for sharing your experience with Kundalini yoga, I may try that practice out one day as well.

    August 06, 2015

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