Girl Boss: Part II

At one time or another we've all wished for the perfect career, the one where we can make a living doing what we love.  However, even with a well thought out plan the path to get there can be confusing! So, we rounded up our favorite group of girl bosses and asked them what they think is key to being successful at work and if they could give us a little advice on pursuing our dreams! :) 

“Here’s what I would say is the key to being successful and making your dreams a reality:  1) Seek out and talk to people who you are successful in the field that you are interested in. Ask them to grab coffee and learn from someone who has done it before. Chances are you will at least hear a good story. 2) You cannot please everyone. Do not let everyone tell you how it should be done. Define your goals and your values and commit to working extra hard to achieve those goals within your value chain.3) Do not expect everything to happen all at once. Once you have clearly defined your goals, you will embark on a long journey of ups and downs toward success. Success does not come without failure. And, there will be failures. That's how we learn. So stay focused, have fun and keep your eyes on the prize.”  Jessica Faulkner, Owner/Designer at Jessica Faulkner (

“Find an industry you love with co-workers you would also call your friends. Work hard, smile and have as much fun doing it as possible. I still have no clue what I want to be when I "grow up" but I know that showing up every day to learn as much as possible yields positive results. In life and in work. I'm living proof! I started as a receptionist in the industry 6 years ago and now I manage a global product line for a billion dollar company! Sometimes with the right attitude, life surprises you in the best possible way!!” – Christi Contois, Global Product Line Manager for Kids Footwear, Vans


“Even when you fail, it is imperative to keep going. Don't compare yourself to others, you are the only you in this entire world and your perspective and ideas matter.” - Kailey Flyte, Creator of the popular blog

“Always have a good attitude. Look at every hard problem or challenge as an opportunity to learn and to show yourself (and others) what you're capable of. Be nice to the people you work with and be the kind of person your colleagues want to work with. Collaborate, share ideas and have fun at work. Be yourself. Fake it till you make it. Work hard, and don't take yourself or work too seriously. Happy hours do wonders for team bonding!”  - Chanel Edwards, Director of Driver Growth at Lyft

 “Take risks. All of my accomplishments have been the result of things that have terrified me.” - Kaycie Saxton, Twitter darling @LushVogue and Vice President of


"Embrace your failures.  They teach you a hell of a lot more than your successes.” Lindsey Lee, Photographer (

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