SJP's Tips for Success

We all know and love Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City. Carrie Bradshaw taught us how to handle awkward run-ins, breakups, and fashion 101.  What we may not realize is SJP is as smart, if not smarter, than Carrie Bradshaw. Sarah runs a successful shoe line, stars in movies, and is a hands-on mom. Recently she sat down with InStyle and gave her top tips on being successful. We picked a few of our favorites that are motto’s every Maven Girl should follow.

  1. Be ready to learn

Learning is the most important thing when creating a brand. Whether it’s learning from your mistakes or new skills, it’s important to be open minded. You may think you already know the tricks to running a business, but with so many new social media platforms and business apps, there is always something you could improve on.  Think outside the box! Pick a mentor and read about their failure and success stories. Even check out classes offered in your area. Our new favorite in advancing our career is Coursehorse, a website were you can discover classes for pretty much any activity you want to learn!

  1. Know when to pass

You have a major goal or business idea that you’re totally stoked on! That’s amazing, but it’s important to know when to say no. Piling too many tasks on your plate will lead to stress and feeling overwhelmed.  Our advice is to make a calendar with important dates or events that pertain to your business and personal life. Will one event bring in more people than the other? Is it a friends birthday that you shouldn’t miss? Plan accordingly so you don’t spread yourself too thin!

  1. Brace yourself for failure

Spoiler Alert: Things will not go according to plan. If they do, buy yourself a lottery ticket because you are extremely lucky! The future is unseen. Deadlines will be missed due to everything from personal emergencies to last minute opportunities. Don’t think of it so much as a failure, but as a learning lesson. “This didn’t work out because __________ but from it, I learned __________”.  Roadblocks are certainly going to arise in any business setting.  Take Michelle Phan, one of our top GIRLBOSSES, for example. In 2014 an unfortunate lawsuit was placed on her. Although details are on the hush, I’m sure this was mentally draining as well as took up a lot of her time.  She handled the situation with grace and came out strong from it. Just because at first you don’t succeed, doesn’t mean you aren’t meant for big things!

Sarah Jessica Parker gave great tips in her article. All seven we totally agree with and you can read the full story here.  One tip we wanted to add to any Maven Girl starting their own business or adventure is to always believe in yourself. Confidence is key to making it big!

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