Ways to Give Thanks this Holiday!


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I started to reflect and ask myself what I’m thankful for. Besides the mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie I’m about to inhale next week! This year, I have decided that I want to give back to my community and volunteer my time around the neighborhood. Sound interested? I’ve included some ways to give back to your community. 

Soup Kitchen: Many soup kitchens rely strictly on volunteers to help pass out food, especially on busy days like Thanksgiving! If your family usually has Thanksgiving dinner, schedule some time at your local Soup Kitchen in the afternoon to distribute Thanksgiving meals to low-income families. Check Volunteer Match websites to find a Soup Kitchen in your neighborhood. 

Donating Meals in a bag: The other day, while I was at my nearby grocery store, I noticed they had “Thanksgiving Meals in a Bag”. For as little as $10, you can buy a bag filled with non-perishable treats, which they will then donate to nearby charities. I immediately bought a bag and was filled with complete happiness, knowing a can of beans would be making a family nearby happy.

Walking Dogs/Animal Shelters: Lets not forget the animals! Many local animal shelters need weekly dog walkers. After a quick training session, you’re able to walk as many dogs around the neighborhood as you would like. Nothing beats playing with animals and walking off that green bean casserole you had to have five servings of.

Boys and Girls Club: Ever wanted to be a Big Sister? Boys and Girls club offers a great volunteer program. Arts and crafts, sports, tutoring and leadership roles are all available. Sign up for Boys and Girls Club to inspire the youth around you!

Although stuffing and yams are amazing on Thanksgiving, the holiday is more than stuffing your face. Throw on our Thankful Tank, find a volunteer gig and give back to your community and love ones! Hey, even if it’s just volunteering to do the dishes Thanksgiving Day, you’ll make Grandma proud and score major brownie points.

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