We're Cool for the Summer

Months of sunshine have us on cloud nine here! Who can focus on office work when the weather is beautiful and you have beach on the brain. But what do you do when you need to get away and you can't? Bring paradise to you. I know it sounds ridiculous but it's totally possible to decompress and recenter from where ever you are. Vacation is a mindset and all you need is a little creativity! 

Clear your schedule for as many consecutive days as possible, a minimum of 2 days. Even if you have to work overtime the week before & after it'll be worth it to be completely free of obligations!

Think like a tourist. Spend a time thinking about what you want to do! You can plan to explore your own town/city if you're the adventurous type. Or you can make a plan to relax, with a massage or hair blow-out appointment. Whatever you think will make you feel wonderful and refreshed! 

Prep for it. Before your time off, take time to do your laundry and pick out your outfits just as you would if you were going away on a trip! Decide where/what you'll be eating and pick up anything at the grocery store before. Make any phone calls you need to & finish your to-do list just as you would if you were leaving town! 

Enjoy. Every. Minute.  Make this vacation the best one yet.  Give yourself the okay to order piña coladas at lunch. And turn up the Demi Levato album. And take in the sights & sounds of your city. And mentally check-out.  Spoil yourself however you can with whatever budget you have because vacation is a state-of-mind & everyone deserves one!  

love, xo 

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